Front garden and driveway redesign Old Balreask Woods, Navan co.Meath

Front garden redesigned and driveway widened

  This is  a front  garden  we redesigned  to both accommodate a second or third car space and to rejuvenate the front garden and property appeal.The original driveway was too small for two cars to park comfortably and the lawn and planting lacked character and visual appeal. We widened the entrance and driveway paving and created raised beds with formal styled specimen conifer  plantings. Sub plantings of cottage style perrenials contained in  raised beds with a new turf lawn and mowing brick edge added to the low maintenance style and contemporory finish of the garden.                                      

Original driveway and garden frontage

Concept 2D design

New raised beds and planting, wideened driveway

New lawn and raised bed

New turf lawn and brick edging

New driveway frontage

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