Sunday, 12 February 2017

Raised sleeper bed with seating ,Auburn Ave Colpe, co.Meath

                                 Raised sleeper bed
This is a a raised sleeper bed we constructed for a recent client. They wished to have a raised bed area with a seat built in to also that be could used for growing vegetables and ornamental plants. The built in seating is novel place to enjoy the evening sun and enjoy the garden. The sleepers are made from environmentally friendly larch which are very durable timber and are also internally lined for added protection. The base of the bed has brick edging to aid with mowing around the bed.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

New sandstone terrace and side passage area gravelled, Glasheen, Stamullen co.Meath

Yellow limestone raised patio

This is a new limestone terrace we built to replace an ageing deck that had become slippery and unusable. The paving of choice here is a yellow sandstone with warm hues which complement the facade of the house and make an cheery and  inviting space even on a cloudy day.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Redesigning a driveway with a new curved step, cleaning and sealing ,Wellseley Manor, Bettystown, co.Meath

This is a driveway we redesigned to include replacing of the ramped paving to the house with a new half moon curved step. With removing of the existing side bed , cleaning,re grouting and sealing of the driveway we rejuvenated this ageing driveway. By lifting all the blocks and cleaning we reset the sunken paving areas. While previously extended paving blocks which didn't match in their current position were reworked into the new design so that they weren't as prominent. Cleaning and sealing of the driveway would help rejuvenate the block paving enhancing the colour of the paving while helping prevent oil staining and the infiltration of  weeds seeds. Makes future cleaning easier also.

Driveway widening Belfry Court, Liscorrie,Cross lanes,Drogheda co.Louth

This is a driveway we widened in Drogheda co.Louth using the same block  paving as the existing. Our clients wanted extra space to park their cars and for general access including bringing their kids in and out of the cars. Also widening the beds would tidy up their beds making  a neat edge for their hedge while removing the necessity for cutting the small lawn at the front of the house.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Garden redesign with Limestone patio & paths, raised beds and new turf lawn ,Five Oaks, Drogheda, co.Louth

Garden rejuvenated.
This is a garden we recently completed in Five Oaks, Drogheda. Our clients wished to have a total redesign of their existing garden that would create a whole new garden room for them to enjoy. Included in the brief was the boundary treatment of the fencing that was uneven and in places in need of replacing, but would also allow for some new raised beds Low maintenance planting with seasonal colour and interest. New patio and paths to the shed and side of the house. New turf lawn to replace their aged, weedy and uneven lawn. Also existing manhole covers in their lawn would be concealed but yet retain access. We came up with the following design that would reflect these needs and add much character and definition to the garden.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

New terraced garden makeover with Synthetic lawn,patio and raised beds Oaklawns, Drogheda co.louth

 This is a garden we created in Oaklawns Drogheda, it was originally on a steep slope which was difficult for its owner to cut the lawn and keep tidy. She wished to have a low maintenance garden with no grass to cut and beds that would have definition. Also she wished to have a patio close to her kitchen to enjoy the sun. We suggested artificial grass( we only used the better quality and most realistic grasses!) set within a a terrace with the lawn on one level and patio on another accessed by two small step as a low maintenance option and also helps considerably with drainage issues. It can be used at all times of the year which is great with children also. We also painted the rear wall and fencing which gave a nice backdrop to the garden and completed the picture.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Low maintenance Pvc fencing, Annaville crescent, Drogheda, co.Louth

Low maintenance PVC Fencing
This is new PVC fencing installed in Drogheda co. Louth to replace a mixed corrugated fence and boundary hedgerow. Our clients wished to have a durable new fence that didn't require any painting and more importantly wouldn't rot.

No maintenance PVC fencing would provide the solution with its wood grain timber effect.

No maintenance fencing. Also can be used to screen existing oil  or gas tanks.
An environmentally friendly solution as the panels are made from 92% recycled materials.

Panels can be fitted also to existing concrete H post systems to replace broken or rotten timber panels.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Garden redesign Mellifont Pk, Drogheda co.Louth

Garden transformed
This is a garden we transformed in Mellifont park, Drogheda ,co.Louth, Its owners wanted an outdoor dining space with low maintenance fencing & turf lawn . We installed a concrete post & plinth with timber panel system that requires little maintenance. The concrete posts prevent rotting form the base of the timbers which in the event of replacing are easy. A new 'Chapterstone 'path and patio was installed with easy access to the washing line. While a brick and gravel edge lawn makes a formal structured garden view which is easy to maintain.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Low maintenace garden with synthetic lawn & sandstone patio,raised beds .Garden makeover, Georgian Close Drogheda co.Louth

New low maintenance garden
 This is a new garden we redesigned in Drogheda co.Louth. Our clients were a young family and wanted a new attractive low maintenance garden that they could use year round at their new home. We removed the topsoil and installed a new very realistic artificial lawn that would resolve any drainage problems that could occur.. Raised country style walling with low maintenance cottage styled plantings for a soft flower filled garden. Block paved path and sandstone patio for outdoor dinning and relaxing. The results were very pleasing and our clients are very happy also.

New turf lawn with brick edge & gravel surround Auburn Ave, Colpe co.Meath

New turf lawn brick edged and gravel surround.
This is a new turf lawn we laid with a brick edge and gravel border at a new house in a new estate at Auburn Ave, Colpe, co. Meath. The original garden left to them was poorly seeded and uneven. The owners were a young family and wanted a lawn and vista from there house to match their property. We sprayed off the original lawn to kill the weeds and existing grass within. Then the existing lawn was dug over and rotavated. New top soil was imported and spread to achieve a level surface and root zone. A brick mowing edge was laidon mortat to the perimeter of the lawn area .A new weed free roll out turf lawn was laid and fertilised. A decorative gravel border was laid to the surrounds to a achieve a contemporary symmetrical garden to enjoy.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Replacement of decking area with new silver granite patio and decorative gravel finished beds.

New silver granite patio and beds
This is a new contemporary silver granite patio area we created where a deck area once stood. The decking had started to deteriorate and our clients wanted a new patio area that would not be as enclosed and would also be low maintenance with some soft plantings to its edges. The result is a new bright clean patio area where once an unsightly enclosed deck resided.

New front garden patio design and build , Chapel Close, Balbriggan co.Dublin

New Front garden sandstone patio 

This is a new front garden patio area we designed and  built to make the most of the evening sun in a westerly facing garden. The driveway was regraded to make comfortable access to the patio without the need for steps. The patio was laid using Raj Green Indian sandstone paving which complemented the existing colours of the block paved drive. A new  raised bed three blocks high was created with country stone walling to match the existing  driveway material. While the boundary wall was raised to create added privacy and seclusion for the users.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Composite Decking and cladding, Chapel Close ,Balbriggan co.Dublin

This is  new low maintenance composite deck and wall cladding we recently installed for a client in Balbriggan. Their previous deck and fencing had become tired and was starting to rot. They wished to have  a low maintenance replacement which would compliment their existing garden style. The decking was also fitted with deck lights to add another dimension to the space into the evening and night.The cladding of the wall provided privacy and shelter where there was a low block boundary wall.
Main Benefits:
• No need for costly re-oiling or treatment
• High slip resistance – tested to bs standard 7976 part ii
• Easy maintenance
• Longer usage/life cycle
• Resistant to rot and wood eating organisms
• No cracking
• Stronger & more flexible than traditional wood

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Front garden patio & driveway redesign Wellesley Manor, Bettystown, co.Meath

New front garden patio & drive redesign
This is a front garden we redesigned recently to create a new patio area with raised seating and to provide some screening along with timber cladding to the low side wall . New driveway parking space for cars and turf lawn and overall garden & beds redesign. This garden receives the sun in the afternoon to evening time and our clients can now enjoy the sun outdoors after work in a beautifully transformed and easy to maintain garden .

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Low maintenance styled front garden Laytown co.Meath

Low maintenance front garden style
 This is a low maintenance styled front garden we completed in Laytown co.Meath. With a combination of block paving, textured flag, gravel and raised beds with cottage style planting. The original garden as in the post below ( click on read more) had an aged and cracked concrete paved path and split grass lawns.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Garden redesign with patio, raised beds and synthetic lawn, Castlewood, Drogheda co.Louth

Curved garden redesign with synthetic lawn and raised beds, curved patio 
This garden in Castlewood ,Drogheda was L shaped due to an extension built to the rear of the house. It was also uneven, sloping towards the house with poor drainage throughout the year. The owners were a young family who wanted a garden for entertaining, playing ball games and generally enjoying the outdoors.We decided that an artificial or synthetic lawn would provide the best solution to their drainage problems while making the most of the garden space by covering the existing concrete path areas. A larger curved patio for dining/relaxing would be installed.New raised beds with cottage style low maintenance plantings, painted walls & fencing, trellis and bark mulch would soften the garden and bring colour throughout the year. New curved steps to the rear doors would compliment the garden design and make access to the garden and house more comfortable.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Garden landscape makeover Mount Sandford Drogheda co.Louth

Curving Sandstone terrace raised lawn and beds
This is a garden we recently completed in Drogheda co.Louth.  It  contains new contemporary styled curving raised beds that can be used for seating with ample patio space to follow the sun throughout the day and low maintenance styled lawn and beds. Seasonal planting of cottage perennials and grasses provide colour and interest throughout the year. An overall attractive and stylish reinvigorated garden space for its owners to enjoy.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sandstone terrace and garden makeover ,The Cloisters, Bettystown co.Meath

Redesigned terrace and garden
This is a garden we recently completed in Bettystown, co.Meath. It had originally been landscaped some time in the past but had become tired and faded. Its shrubberies were overgrown and were growing into the conservatory and the paving was broken and faded. The central raised circular bed that once contained small shrubs had now become a bit monstrous and dominated the views from the house and garden offering little patio space for relaxing or entertaining. The image above is the transformation and vision of what can be done with the correct design and application. Click on the link below for more information and images  of this garden.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Terraced garden makeover with Donegal quartz paving, The Spires, Termonfeckin co.Louth

This terraced garden we created in Termonfeckin co.Louth. It previously was sloped towards the house which made the garden wet near the house as well as the lawn difficult to cut. Our client wanted the slope reduced and a new patio area that she could enjoy throughout the year.  We created a design for her that which would remodel the slope to a terrace design with a small retaining wall and two steps to a level lawn area which would be easy to cut with mowing edge bricks against a curving low maintenance style raised beds. These were constructed using contrasting colours of greys and browns to the bright and warm colours of the Donegal quartz paving which is a very durable indigenous stone.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Garden design & makeover Roschoill, Drogheda co.Louth

Garden makeover with French limestone paving raised beds
and painted fencing and garden shed.

 This garden in Roschoill is one we recently redesigned. It lacked any definition of character Its owners enjoyed gardening and wished to have a defined garden border path and paving which they could enjoy either being outside or as a view from their home. They chose French limestone  paving from a local manufacturer and supplier Chapter Stone in Oldbridge Drogheda. With our help we came up with a planting style and continuity of colour and materials to create a unified garden space which they could enjoy.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pvc No Maintenance fencing Riverview ,Drogheda co.louth

                           No maintenance Pvc panel fencing
This garden in Drogheda co. Louth had a rear adjoining timber boundary fence which was weathered looking and needed some attention.
They wished to have a new fence that didn't require any painting and more importantly wouldn't rot.
No maintenance PVC fencing would provide the solution with its wood grain timber effect.

No maintenance fencinglAlso can be used to screen existing oil  or gas tanks.
An environmentally friendly solution as the panels are made from 92% recycled materials.

Can be fitted to existing concrete H post systems.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Artificial grass lawn & garden makeover Roschoill, Drogheda co.Louth

Newly completed garden makeover with sandstone patio areas
& raised beds and synthetic lawn.

 This is a garden we recently redesigned in Drogheda co. Louth. The garden belonged to a young family and originally offered little as a garden haven  and had some  drainage issues to boot. Their dream garden was one that  they could enjoy completely  throughout the year whether being outside or as a beautiful vista from their home. Importantly too it would be a dry and clean environment for their young son too  play in .Artificial grass created  to imitate real grass with the correct drainage applied would provide the solution to their damp and muddy garden, This complimented with a mixture of low maintenance cottage perennials and some trees for screening planted into  raised kerb edged beds with bark mulch and newly painted fencing and shed  added a rich and colourful palette to their garden .

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Landscape Plans for planning permission

Tree screening planting plan

Hedging and under storey planting plan
 Do you require a Landscape planting plan as part of your local authorities planning regulations?
We can help you in attaining the permission neccessary.
Contact Karl @ GreenArt Landscapes for further information.

 We provide the following services at reasonable rates:
Planting plans
Garden design.
Garden and landscape Consultancy.
Full landscape construction service.

2D Visualisation
Karl Carolan  GreenArt Landscapes
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 Dip amenity Hort Botanic Gardens
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Monday, 8 December 2014

No maintenance Pvc Fencing, Mathews Lane Drogheda co.Louth

No maintenance PVC fencing

 Maintenance free fencing. Strong and durable made from recycled PVC fencing produced to replicate a natural timber finish. Can be fitted to existing concrete H post systems of any height where old or rotten timber panels need to be replacedOr fitted with steel reinforced Pvc posts. More cost effective than post and timber panel systems as the panels wont need replacing as they wont rot.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Garden design and makeover Monasterboice, co.Louth

Existing bank turned into new stone edged terrace feature
This is a garden we worked on during the summer. It had a large steep edged bank in the corner  of the garden which we made a feature of using large indigenous rocks to from a retaining edge. On top of this we planted a mixture of lavender and trailing herbaceous plants. For the main terrace we created a rose bed with a mixture of carpet roses,shrub roses and half standard roses which produce a mix of stunning flowers with scent and texture throughout the year. Surrounding the rose bed is a mix of cherry and silver birch trees to form an enclave to the garden and feature to be seen from the house. Other works included driveway entrance beds, bio filter screening and beds to complement the house.

Residential property grounds makeover Boyne Hall, Drogheda co.Louth

Front garden landscaped
 This is part of a property we landscaped in Boyne Hall, Drogheda, co.Louth. The property had become quite overgrown and needed cutting back  and some extensive finishing to the grounds. This  included the installation of a new paved and gravelled driveway. New seeded lawn, decking, fencing  and plantings.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Garden design and makeover Gort Na Ri, Trim, co.Meath.

This is a garden we created for a client of ours in Trim, county Meath. Who is a busy professional who wished to have  a garden which he could use for entertaining and relaxing outdoors. His previous garden was a bare blank canvas with cold walls and just lawn. The lawn also sloped up to a small hill in the center of the garden so we graded the lawn and patio to marry in at a new more natural level. A large Indian sandstone patio to 30 msq in size was created from his back door to be used as the  main patio with a path leading to a sandstone circle patio to receive the evening sun. Raised beds 400mm high with plum slate and a mixture of cottage perennials and Thuja conifers were created and planted to bring a vertical dimension to the previous flat garden. the rear walls were painted with a soft magnolia colour and trellis with climbing roses and climbing hydrangea were attached to soften the rear wall backdrop.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Garden design and makeover Lagavooren Manor Drogheda co.louth

 This is a garden we recently created for a family in Lagavooren Manor, Drogheda. Their original garden was tired and lacked a clear sense of place and style for the largest space of their property. They wished to have a garden which they could use and sit out on at different times of the day with a contemporary yet soft  leafy appeal . We created two patios areas.One a circular patio with raised seating and cladded planter behind to be used to make full use of the afternoon and evening sun. A second larger terrace was created to dine out or relax throughout the morning to mid afternoon.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Woven willow fencing, Termonfeckin co.Louth

woven willow fencing
Woven willow fencing         
 This woven willow fencing belongs to a regular client of ours we had commissioned for her. We had previously worked on designing her garden creating raised beds using reclaimed red brick for a soft warm yet aged look for her garden.
She now wished to have the fencing addressed, it was a plastic mesh type barrier fencing which offered little aesthetic appeal to her garden. She had looked into a few different  types of timber panel type fence and picket fencing styles but we felt that the woven willow fencing would be more suitable and natural for her garden. It provides a beautiful soft backdrop to the garden and plantings. The results speak for themselves.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Garden design and landscape makeover Lohunda drive, Clonsilla, co.Dublin

This is garden in Clonsilla is one we redesigned for our clients for their own use and pets as well as a potential dog grooming business they wished to begin.  
We replaced the tired paving and weedy gravel  with gold granite paving with drainage fitted and electricity wired and water plumbed to powers showers and lights and take water from the shed.
Low maintenance raised beds were constructed and planted up to soften the garden and the walls to two sides were raised and painted as a nice backdrop to the garden.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Sandstone patio, lawn edging and stepping stones, Grange Rath,co.Meath

This is a garden we recently worked on in Grange Rath, co. Meath, We installed a new Indian sandstone curving patio area, sandstone stepping stones leading to the patio and sandstone steps with stepping stones leading to the garden shed. Also a curving gold granite edge was constructed for  the lawn and beds to minimise edge strimming and aid cutting the lawn by having a clean edge to mow to.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New paved driveway Foxfield, Raheny co.Dublin

This new block paved driveway with its warm hues of reds,pinks and dark blues  enhances the property as a whole while creates an inviting and welcoming  approach to the house.The driveway is wide enough to make a comfortable exit from a car while leaving room to pass easily around all sides but still retaining its soft front garden appeal.  

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Picket styled fencing and gates, Bryanstown Manor, Drogheda co.Louth


Picket styled fencing  can add a definition and style to your property marking out your boundary while making a secure enclosed boundary. We can design bespoke garden fencing and gates  in a range of styles to suit your garden and home. Supplied and fitted from pressure treated timber to prevent rotting we can also paint them in a range of colours to suit your  home and garden.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Maintenance free PvC Eco Fencing Drogheda co.Louth

Maintenance free fencing. Strong and durable made from recycled PVC fencing produced to replicate a natural timber finish. Can be fitted to existing concrete H post systems of any height where old or rotten timber panels need to be replaced. Or fitted with steel reinforced pvc postsNever paint again or in this case cut that leylandii hedge again.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Contemporary urban garden makeover New Bride St ,Dublin 8.

Contemporary urban low maintenance styled garden.Black Limestone stepping stones with white marble decorative gravel and garden lighting. White washed walls and raised beds with cedar timber seating.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Garden makeover Bryanstown Manor Drogheda co.Louth

   As well as a new turf lawn and a new economically priced patio and stepping stones which we installed we repainted the shed and fencing panels to protect and preserve them from the elements. Overall  we created an attractive relatively low maintenance family garden on a low cost budget..

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Garden design makeover, landscaping Ballygall,Finglas co.Dublin

Textured red flag patio with a brick edged lawn and brick and sleeper raised beds for growing border perennials and vegetables.Painted walls with mounted trellis and climbers.